16 Moments To Relate If You Still See Your Childhood Friends!


We learned friendship with them and from them. Then we got past elementary school thinking we’d be separated. However, even though we took different paths, we still kept in touch with them. You’ll know all these if you still hang out with your childhood friends.

1. You built your first friendships, and learned what it meant with them and from them.

2. Since you’ve both experienced all your weepy, happy and depressed moods, you can be your natural self around them.

3. These are friendships you studied, cheated, and cheered together when the lecture finished.

4. You spent days in each other’s houses, did all of your term papers together, and sometimes even spent the night at the library together.

5. As you grew older, you experienced all the good and bad of life together.

6. Even if you went to colleges in different cities, you always met up when you both were in town.

7. You have, and always will support each other in delicate issues like your careers, love affairs and such.

8. You never feel distant, even though you have't seen each other for years.

You may think that, but two minutes into seeing them again, and you are all back on track.

9. You always look back on your days together and feel sad about how fast time goes by.

There's so much to talk about!

10. You ask if there are any updates about the ones you couldn’t keep in touch with.

11. Even if you become totally different people, living totally different lives, you always have a good time out of your respect for each other.

12. You know you will always keep those dirty little secrets from your childhood.

13. Every time someone puts an ancient class photo of you on Facebook, you start chain commenting.

14. You see how people were almost all the same, but now are completely different from each other.

15. You also realize how you both changed physically, too.

Some girls get even more beautiful, some not, some guys grow a belly, and you always ask each other how much YOU changed.

16. These are friendships you started, and will probably end, your life together. This is what true friendship is…

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