16 Confessions From People Who Are Always Late!


It's not a date if you're late! Guys, please stop coming up with lame excuses, will ya? It's not like we're buying any of it! Anyway, here are 16 confessions coming straight from people who are always late!

1. "First and foremost, we try to be as early as possible. But...Sh*t happens!" All.the.time!


2. "And sometimes we're late on purpose. But we have our own reasons!"


"Sometimes we like to think you won't be ready by then and cut you some slack. What's wrong with that?"

3. "We know nothing about this thing called on time!"


It's like they have better things to do!

4. "And we mostly arrive late to avoid awkward situations."


Like you know, arriving early and checking all your notifications over and over again!

5. "To be honest, it's really annoying to be there on our own, waiting for you to come."


Then be there on time and don't make us suffer?

6. "It's actually very strategic if you think of it..."


What if it gets cancelled at the last minute? What if you pick another place? This way is much more versatile.

7. "And yes, I watched one more episode..."


"How could I have missed the season finale?!"

8. "Maybe it shows how much we care about that date and how long it takes us to be fully prepared!"


"You can't prove this but trust me, I care about you..."

9. "We already know you're going to b*tch about it. But no one cares!"


Uh oooohh...

10. "Setting up 15 different alarms never works!"


"Because we can turn them off instantly!"

11. "But sometimes it's really because of our luck..."


This is actually true, but since you guys are always late, we're not buying it!

12. "So which event really starts on time?"


Uhhhhm, almost every event?

13. "Our brain automatically adjusts when you say around 6. It's like 6:50 for us."


Better say 5 next time and be there at 6!

14. "Last but not least, we're very, VERY soooowwwyyy."

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