13 White Lies Girls Tell To Each Other

> 13 White Lies Girls Tell To Each Other

Honesty is the primary rule of every relationship, including friendship. However, we all sometimes have to tell a small, white, harmless, sweet lie in order not to upset our loved ones. You can think whatever you want about your honesty and frankness, but we are pretty sure you have lied about at least one of these 15 situations.

It is called a 'white' lie for a reason. We tell these only because we mean well. :)

1. "I'll be there in 5."

While still getting ready at home...

2. "She is so ugly, he is going only downhill after you."

We can at least not say nice things about the new GF of our friend's ex. And even if the new GF is quite hot, we can always argue that she is very annoying or stupid. We can always find a flaw.

3. "Don't be silly, you look gorge!"

Just because your friend looks a bit different in the photo, it doesn't mean that she is ugly.

4. "Don't be sad, you were too good for him."

This doen't quite qualify as a lie. A person who hurts our beloved friend obviously doesn't deserve her; but it is also true that we go overkill with this statement according to her mood.

5. "No, it isn't bad at all. You have a different style now."

Now, this one here is one of the most difficult moments. Your friend has made an irreversible change on her hair or spent tons on new dresses, glasses, etc. The changes are not for the better, but how can we say that out loud? We can only resort to a white lie instead of a full, non-white lie such as 'Oh, honey! You look great!'

6. "Your path will cross with much better men."

We are never sure about this. Way worse guys might also come along, but she has to believe this now to be able to move on from the ex.

7. "If you hate that girl, I will also not see her."

'I will try not to see her,' actually.

8. "Look, please don't blame yourself. You didn't do anything wrong. He did."

If a relationship comes to an end, both sides have made mistakes, obviously. But we can't list those mistakes when your friend is already hurting a lot.

9. "Come on, just this once. We'll eat this and then eat healthy afterwards."

We actually tell this lie to ourselves, too. In this case both parties pretend to believe in it.

10. "I am telling you: he will regret this sooooooo much."

It actually seems like the guy won't regret anything and he has already moved on with his life. That's exactly what you have to do, too; and that's why I am lying to you, so that you also believe this. Holding onto this idea will do you good, and after a while, you will also start moving on and not give any f*cks about him.

11. "I promise I will never call her again."

(She did call her.)

12. There has to be something else, because I don't see any reason why he wouldn't call you.

How can we tell our already upset friend that he probably isn't into her?

13. "It isn't you, the cut is weird and makes you look a little fatter."