15 Ways To Be More Positive About Your Body


Beauty has no standards! It is subjective and different for everyone. Why not embrace the beauty of your body, starting right now?

1. Listen to your body.


Be aware of your body's needs. Your body knows what you need and it doesn't hesitate to send warning signs if something is wrong. You can improve your overall health just by listening to your body.

2. Take good care of your body.


This is not a trashcan; it is your own body. That is the reason why you shouldn't feed it pizza all the time. You become what you eat, so try to remember this next time you binge eating.

3. Think positive things about your own body.


You don't insult a family member or a close friend, right? This is your own body, so be kind!

4. Try to be critical about the idea of body image imposed by the media.


You might like what you see on the screen, but the reality is different. The media tweaks reality through different Photoshop techniques and it is hard not to be affected by that. Remember that there are no standards for being happy about your body.

5. Pamper your body with peeling sessions.


It will make you feel awesome, and your skin will thank you!

6. Exercise and sweat!


Exercise helps your body release endorphins, and these hormones are responsible for your happiness. Exercise is both good for your body and your soul. Give it a chance!

7. Dance naked in front of the mirror.


This might sound weird, yes, but give it a go. After all, it is all about embracing the beauty of your own body!

8. Wear clothes that wrap your body.


Your favorite jeans = high self-esteem! Beauty has nothing to do with what size you wear. Wear whatever you like!

9. Relax!


Give yourself some relaxation time; your body deserves this! Spare one day every week to read, watch movies or stay in bed. Give yourself permission to be lazy without feeling guilty.

10. Drink green smoothies.


A delicious smoothie from spinach, kale and fresh mango will boost your energy in a second!

11. Spend time in the bathtub.


This will be the ultimate treat for your tired body. Add your favorite bath salt, light some candles, and treat yo self!

12. Be proud of your body!


Wherever you are in the process of loving your body, be proud of it! Dance, run, sunbathe... Spread the love in everything you do!

13. Don't underestimate the power of sleep.


Sleep problems can cause mental, physical and emotional problems. Our body needs sleep to renew itself everyday. This is why having a regular sleep cycle should be your priority. If you have hard time sleeping 7-8 hours at night, you can take naps during the day.

14. Don't be harsh on yourself.


Life is too short too skip that chocolate. Reward yourself with your favorite treat every now and then.

15. LOVE your body, no matter what.


Take a piece of paper and note the things you love about your body. Read out this paper regularly and write new things. You might be affected by beauty standards some days, that's normal. However, you rock just by being yourself. Don't let the numbers on the scale spoil your day!

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