15 Tips To Help Girls Recover From A Break Up!


Forget all the things you already know and consider our method! This list will help you recover in a short time!

1. Stay away from romantic comedies.


This will only make you more blue.

2. Ask for help from your BFF. She can find plenty of bad things to say about your ex.


That's what BFF's are for!

3. Delete them from all social media and DO NOT STALK!


We are sure that you are the master of stalking. It's best you unfollow them for your own good.

4. Yoga can be your cure in tough times.


You can get into these poses by doing enough practice. Just be patient!

5. Our advice: Stay away from alcohol for a while.


To avoid any chance of drunk texting!

6. Get rid of all the things that remind you of your ex. Photos, clothes, etc.


Life goes on. You'll feel better soon, you just need some time.

7. Share your love with animals.


You can devote all your love to these fellas. You'll get so much love in return!

8. Spend time in the kitchen. It is said to be the best therapy for your aching soul.


It's time for those cookies you want to try!

9. Keep a journal to track your emotions.


This will help you express your feelings and provide you relief.

10. Go for a walk in nature!


Escaping from the chaos of the city will help you!

11. Okay, you can go to the hair salon. You earned it!


A little change in your looks won't do any harm!

12. That dance class you always wanted to take is waiting for you!


Show them how you rock on the dance floor!

13. Spend time with your family. You haven't spend any quality time with them for ages!


They are always there for you; you know that!

14. Picking up a new hobby will distract you from your troubles.


Why not try kickboxing?!

15. Don't you think it's time to go out there and meet new people?


You're born again, Phoenix! Now, it's time to party!

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