15 Things You Do And Don't Have To Answer For!


Stop being so hard on yourself. During our daily lives, we all feel like we have to answer for all the things we do, or feel like all eyes are on us. This isn't true, and even if it was, you don't have to justify the way you do certain things. It's time to read this list and stop treating yourself so harshly.

1. The way you live is for you only. No one, not even your parents, has a say in your lifestyle...


For example, I want to lick this again and again. Problems?

2. No one should interfere with your priorities. That list is your own list.


Maybe I like twerking in public. It's my lifelong pursuit.

3. You're the sole authority on when you'll marry, when you'll have kids, where you'll go for vacation or who you'll date!


And boom! There's my wedding gift to you!

4. If you don't feel sorry, you don't have to back down and apologize just to make others feel happier.


Initiating apology protocol...

5. It's none of their business if you want to spend some time on your own or if you enjoy being alone.


So you're having a hard time getting it? Let me show you.

6. You also don't have to explain why you're upset or going through depression.


Do you really want me to chin up? Really? Ok here goes!

7. You don't have to keep agreeing with others. We all have our own opinions and those opinions matter. Being different is totally acceptable.

8. You don't have to keep saying yes to people. You're allowed to turn down offers or requests.


No means no!

9. Your looks, your clothes or the way you walk, etc. concerns no one but you. Be free to do what you want!



10. Don't feel pressured about the things you eat. Don't order a garden salad just to look cool and hide your inner New York Strip eating spirit!


11. Your relationships, the things you do on your own time, and the way you do them, is for yourself only.


Let me introduce you...

12. Your career, promotion, pay or what your job requires you to do...


So what if I make less than you?

13. Your beliefs are entirely up to you. No one can force you or comment on your beliefs, or the way you see or don't see religion.


Shh shh shhhh...

14. Same goes for your political opinions. You don't have to comment about your favorite politician, let alone defend them during an argument.


15. Why still single? BECAUSE F*CK YOU! That's why...


Lastly, take a chillpill and relaaaaaax...You just live how you want and do what you want!


After all, YOLO!

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