15 Things To Go So Wrong If Skirts Were For Guys...


Sometimes, we all sit down and question fashion, trends, and all the rights and wrongs about it. We're often unhappy about the trends, but this time, you'll be so glad fashion brought certain rules into our lives. Guys, roll up your skirts and let's go!

1. Flashing would lose all its charm, meaning and purpose...There wouldn't even be a concept of flashing anymore!

2. You could experience a Tim Burton movie first hand, and probably go nuts during windy days! (See what I did there?)

3. Since most guys like spreading their legs, every form of public transportation would go +18!

4. Guys are careless when they sit down or stand up. You will be exposed to lots of round objects during the course of your day.

5. Only girls adjust their skirt before they sit down. Guys? Well you would have lots of a*sprints on empty seats...

Maybe some hair attached to it. EW!

6. Making certain "adjustments" over the pants would be easier.

7. If you are standing behind them on the escalator...Oh boy oh boy!

8. The whole scene at the urinals would be pretty interesting.

9. Watching guys play football would be much less or much more interesting!

10. Add tennis games to that, too!

11. "Upskirt" categories would be all empty and deserted...

12. Waxing salons would suffer deeply...

13. Wedgies would transform into skirties!

14. Now you can get ready much faster!

15. And of course, new accessories...

Bonus - VERY interesting accessories indeed...

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