15 Things That Would Happen If Life Was Like A Sitcom


If you step back and examine your life, you’ll realize it’s not nearly as interesting or funny as a sitcom. Yeah, it’s not shocking news, but have you ever thought what would it be like to live in a sitcom? Yes, hanging out with the same people all the time doesn't sound very appealing but what if you were having A LOT of fun? Here are 15 things that would happen if we lived in a sitcom!

1. There would be a pub or a cafe where we could hang out all day and all night.


But, most of us would probably go broke after spending all our income on eating and drinking out.

2. And of course, we would have a special table in that place that no one else would ever use.

The owner of the place would be a good friend and they would probably guard our special table from other people even when we weren't there.

3. We would have at least 2-3 friends that we see every f*cking day.


4. And switching partners wouldn’t be a problem. That’s how well we would get along.

And switching partners wouldn’t be a problem. That’s how well we would get along.
And switching partners wouldn’t be a problem. That’s how well we would get along.

5. Anyone could just walk into our house at anytime.


They wouldn't even knock on the door.

6. We would work for 1-2 hours a day and taking a day off wouldn’t be a big deal.


So we can hang out with our friends at 3 pm on Wednesday.

7. Having the worst time of your life? No problem, a miracle will happen soon enough to get you out of your misery.


8. Whatever our jobs were, we could somehow afford to live in big houses.


Big enough to shelter a HORSE.

9. If we had diabolical plans for someone, some other person in the gang would reveal them in a couple of days.


10. Chinese food would be our main dish 5 days a week.


11. No matter how unhealthy we eat, we would still look amazing. And not overweight, ever.


12. Life’s all eccentricities would eventually find us and cause us trouble.


Like the weirdest next door neighbor or that womanizer friend who thinks about nothing but getting laid.

13. But despite all those weird things we live through, our lives would go back to normal until the next episode. I mean day.


14. Going through breakups would never last for months. Or even weeks.


And we'd find someone new just like that.

15. Finally, we would live with a laughter effect in the background, in case we ever forget to laugh.

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