15 Strange Eating Habits Of Women...


Are you dining out tonight or going to her place? Are you planning a romantic brunch this weekend? You should know what to expect!

1. Leaving the last a few pieces on plate...

If a boy is going out with 3 girls for a dinner,  it's wiser for him not to order anything for himself and instead feast himself by only eating leftovers from the girls' plates. The motive behind this behaviour must be the comfort related to the perception of  "I didn't eat that much".

2. Not eating the crusts of pizza.

This is something almost all the women do. They leave crusts on their plates. The reason is simple: Crusts are hard and not as much tasty. A standard man who can eat even pasta with bread can't understand this.

3. For the shared meals served per person, claiming one portion is enough for both.

It can be a menu, main course or side dishes. When you need to order something portioned, served and charged per number, women tend to believe that ordering the portion / size for one person is sufficient for both of you. So, don't insist to order for two, do what they say. Otherwise, they will eat even less to prove you wrong or just to say in the end: "You see one portion would have been more than enough for us" Order for one first; then if you finish, you can order more later.

4. Eating everything (even cookies) at least in 20 bites.

Little bites are true reflection of women's understanding with regards to eating. A man can finish in 2 bites what women eat in 15-20 bites.

5. Becoming "Omg I ate soo much" full after eating just salad.

How is this even possible? It would take probably eating 3 whole lettuces with a loaf of bread for a man to be that full with only salad. But women can manage to do that with a small size Caesar?!

6. Perfect finale that brings together the last bite of meal, last piece of bread and last sip of drink at the same time...

This is a skill men can't even have in their wildest dreams. Finishing all at the same time is a wonder of mathematics, engineering and art.

7. "Reinventing" the dish rather than customizing.

I'll have a caesar salad but with canola oil instead of olive if possible. Please don't add croutons inside, bring them aside. I hope the lettuce is fresh, if not you can use radicchio or arugula. Also no caesar sauce please, or if you can make without egg i would really appreciate. Chicken should be cooked well or bring them raw so I can cook by myself here. Thanks a lot... And I don't like its name, please call it "brutus salad" when you serve it."

8. Feeling every small taste in food...

If there is a single molecule of spice inside a food even by chance, they can detect it. 

- Does this have cumin inside?

- No

- There must be, cause I can feel it!

- No I didn't add any cumin

- Are you sure?

- I happened to touch its package as I was reaching for thyme...

- That must be it then...

9. Avoiding to use spoon as much as possible.

If it's not for a soup or something, women hardly use spoon. They are fork enthusiasts.

10. Biting the fork...

For some reason, they like to eat by biting their fork to scrape the food off.

11. If you ask "Is there any other way of eating?" or "How do men eat?", here's an illustration:

This magical organ is called "lips".

12. Managing to eat perfectly without making any mess around lips.

This is something I never get. Even if they eat spaghetti or tacos, theye is no mess.  How do they deal with all the sauce?

13. Tasting every single food on the table.

Just for this, some women don't let the men order same thing with them. When it comes to dining, they like variety of tastes more than anything.So if you're not a sharing type or don't let her eat off your plate, you will probably be in trouble after dinner!

14. Never eating fast, taking it slow to enjoy every single bite.

They take their time even while eating fast-food. That's why most of the time, guys finish their food, order a coffee or drink while women are still playing with their plates.

15. Taking with their fork all the components of food at the same time.

Men generally eat sequentially and disproportionately. Women, on the other hand, don't do that. They evenly take all the different foods at the same time on their fork  and celebrate the fusion and harmony of all the tastes that came together.

Long story short, most of the men eat just to survive while it is about joy and experience for women.

Girls,  please remember before despising us that even Ryan Gosling eats like this...

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