15 Solid Examples That Tom Hardy Is God’s Gift To Us Humans!

> 15 Solid Examples That Tom Hardy Is God’s Gift To Us Humans!

He’s not only good-looking but has also a great personality. Tom Hardy, people, IS the most perfect man in all the world. If you still haven’t heard about him, you’re probably not from this planet. So get outta here and leave us alone with all these incredible, amazing, out-of-this-world Tom Hardy facts.

1. First of all, his Myspace photos…

1. First of all, his Myspace photos…

'I like to think of myself as an Adonis,' he says. Tom Hardy says he feels 'no shame' over these MySpace selfies. What's there to feel ashamed anyway!

2. He LOVES dogs and helps raise money for shelters.

Dogs + Tom Hardy = Call 911 'cos our hearts skipped a few beats here.

3. The actor also joined PETA to spread the important message of animal adoption.

Did we say he loves dogs?

4. It’s true that he likes sports but he finds it boring when people won’t stop bragging about their exercise routines or their health.

We've heard that he doesn't like people who spend all their time in the gym. Just saying.

5. And he overcame alcoholism.

But he speaks candidly about his addiction. In an interview, he said, “If I had four pints of lager and half a bottle of vodka I could turn this room into an absolute f***ing nightmare in about three minutes. I could destroy everything in my life I have worked so hard for.”

6. Although it wasn’t all over the news, it’s known that he also struggled with depression after his first marriage ended.

Lover boy...  :(

7. As much as he likes to keep his private life to himself, he sees it as a great rudeness to talk about people's sex lives!

And he says he doesn't even understand why people are curious about each other's sex lives at all.

8. He says he paid the price for bulking up for film roles.

'I've damaged my body too much!' he says.

9. He lost a bet with Leonardo DiCaprio and had to get a ridiculous tattoo as penalty.

Leo correctly predicted that he would be nominated for an Oscar and Tom bet against him. Hardy lost, but has yet to get the tattoo done: 'Leo knows everything.' the tattoo would read.

10. He played in lots of action movies, but he also says that he likes to see women’s stories on the big screen.

A reporter from the Toronto Star asked Tom Hardy: 'When you were reading the script [of Mad Max], did you ever think, why are all these women in here, I thought this was supposed to be a man's movie?'

Hardy's answer was blunt: 'No. Not for one minute.'

11. Tom Hardy is a huge hip-hop fan. And he's a rapper himself too!

He admitted he had a recording deal as a rapper!

12. His father Edward John “Chips” Hardy is a screenwriter, novelist, playwright, and creative director.

And he writes characters for Tom!

13. In the TV series Taboo, the actor wanted to be completely naked in some of the scenes -he thought it would be more natural for the role- but the director didn’t let him.

Shame on you, director!

14. He has two sons!

14. He has two sons!

One is from Charlotte and the other is from his first wife.

15. His wife Charlotte Riley is his definition of an ideal woman.

15. His wife Charlotte Riley is his definition of an ideal woman.

Charlotte is, by the way, known to be an extremely jealous partner.

Finally, yes, we love you, Tom! <3