15 Skincare Tips To Consider If You're Approaching Your 30s!

> 15 Skincare Tips To Consider If You're Approaching Your 30s!

Skincare is important in every age. However, if you're entering your 30's you need some special advice to avoid effects of aging. Who doesn't want a glowing healthy skin in their 30's?

If you're answer is yes, let's begin! 😊

1. We have some bad news. First wrinkles on your forehead and mouth area appears in your 30's!

The only way to prevent this is to moisturize your skin regularly. This means you're now BFF's with your moisturizers.

2. Unfortunately, our worst nightmare under eye wrinkles start to appear in these ages.

Solution is easy: Using an eye cream on a regular basis!

3. So prepare to be careful about your skincare, you're not in your 20's anymore...

This is the reason why you have to adapt a daily skincare routine with proper day and night cream duo.

4. Not only your face but also your neck and your hands need your attention! Don't forget to apply moisturizers.

5. You'll thank yourself for the anti-aging treatments you had today. These treatments will help you gain a healthy looking youthful skin.

6. You can consult a dermatologist to figure out your skin's needs.

7. This one is super important. No direct contact with the sunshine. Do not leave your house without applying sun screen to your face.

8. Let's talk about your face wash routine. Do not make yourself suffer by washing your face with a regular soap.

These soaps which do not have same PH value as your skin could irritate your face.

9. How about reducing the effect of wrinkles while you're washing your face?

Try to rub your face with round movements. Make sure that all your movement is from your chin to your forehead i.e. upward movements. This will increase the blood flow.

10. Another bad news: Showering with hot water is bad for your skin.

If you think that hot water dryens your skin, you'll spend less and less time under hot water. Unfortunate fact: dry skins have a tendency to get wrinkles faster.

11. The same goes for cold water!

Our advice: Get used to showers with warm water :)

12. Doing so much peeling is like constantly washing up your favorite black t-shirt.

Adjust your peeling routine to your skin type.

13. You should clean up your make up brushes every other week.

We don't want to see those acnes around our face. With age your skin generation slows down. This means that annoying acne might stick around for a week.

14. Try to avoid smoking.

15. Eat clean and drink a lot of water!

Bonus: Love your age and what it brings to you no matter what!

And believe that every age has its turn!