15 Shocking Sex Laws From All Around The World

> 15 Shocking Sex Laws From All Around The World

Robert Wayne talks about specific sex laws according to every district in his book ''Loony Sex Laws: That You Never Knew You Were Breaking.'' Though some of them don't exist anymore, there are still some we should know. We found 15 of them for you.

1. In Trementon, Utah, no woman can have sex with a man in an ongoing ambulance.

If she's caught doing so, it'll be seen as a sex crime and her name will be published in a local newspaper. Of course the man's name won't even be written.

2. In Wicklow Ireland, a man has the right to ''harass'' animals like a horse, a cow or a goat without going against the law.

3. In Nambia, a man who rapes a woman has a right to choose between 20 years in jail or to be sterilised.

4. In Paramino, Suriname, a man won't be punished if he rapes an alone woman, unless the woman wants to marry her rapist.

5. In Buckfield, Maine, a taxi driver can't accept a ''sexual pleasure'' instead of money from his customers who he picked up from night clubs, bars or any other place that sells alcohol.

6. In North Carolina, it's forbidden for a man to peep at a woman through her window. But it is not forbidden for a man to peep at another man.

7. In Belize, it's forbidden for a man to marry or have sex with his aunt. After such an act, the man is punished by being tied to a tree and beaten.

8. In Sorocaba, Brazil, it's against the law the kiss passionately in public places. The description for such a kiss is described as ''a kiss where salivas mix to increase passion''

9. In Valparaiso, Chile no man can marry a woman who committed adultery.

10. In La Paz, Bolivia, it's forbidden for a married woman to consume more than one drop of alcohol. Her husband can divorce her immediately after doing so.

11. In Montevideo, Uruguay, it's forbidden for a man to have sex with his wife who is on her period. He's not even allowed to touch the parts between her belly and knees.

12. In Doha, Qatar, a Muslim woman has to be ready for a man who might come in when she's taking a shower or getting dressed. The woman has to cover her face before her body.

13. Bhutan laws forbid the younger brother to lose his virginity before his older brother does. It's even forbidden for the younger brother to get married before him.

14. In Glasgow, Scotland, no man can caress a mannequin during working hours.

15. In Equatorial Guinea, according to the tribe laws, if a man catches his wife while having sex with another man, that man becomes the husband's slave for life.

If he catches his wife having sex with another woman, that woman has to become his mistress.