15 Out Of This World Burgers To Push ALL Your Buttons!


Burgers...All fatty, creamy, and sauce-y on top with tons of added flavors. Mmmm just the perfect getaway! Apparently, a fellow Burger Pervert (YES IT'S A THING!) Matthew Ramsey from Washington, DC feels just the same, but unlike us, he decided to take it much further! 

Behold the PornBurger! This book has burger recipes you've never heard before and believe me, they all look so goddamn tasty! Besides, Ramsey really did use his imagination to name them so perfectly. Here's a detailed explanation about the book:

"Indulge your naughtiest food fantasies and satisfy your gluttony and lust with this succulent cook-and-look book, from a self-described “burger pervert” and creator of the notorious PornBurger blog."

You can also check his blog, Instagram and buy the book here! Now make sure you stock up on napkins and let's check some of these burgers out!

1. The James Francophile

So you like James Franco? How about you take it a wee bit further?! 3 of them await you, too!

2. Chronic-kah

Ok ok it looks a bit weird and you might wonder how on earth are you going to eat it. But hey, no one said this wouldn't get dirty...

3. The Fowl-Atio

You like poultry and alternate tastes? Here we have the Fowl-Atio for you with all the duck, turkey and chicken combined!

4. The Umilfy

This might be the most convenient one. It looks so well put together and the ingredient ratio seems perfect!

5. Creamed Porn

Look at all the cream oozing out so smoothly...

6. Spamela Anderson

Here you'll have a taste of Pamela Anderson. We're not sure about the size of this burger compared to Pamela...

7. Willem Dafoenut

We don't know how Willem Dafoe himself would like this but they look like the perfect appetizers!

8. Birthday-Sex

Probably not the type of sex you were hoping for on your birthday, but possibly equally satisfying!

9. Croque Van Damme

So much protein in such small area...I just want to bury my face in it!

10. The Munchbox

This is the ultimate choice for the ones who like all the ingredients in one place!

11. Hare Club For Men

Don't be fooled by the title. This one's for everyone, but let's face it, not many of us out there would enjoy eating hare. Yet still, it looks delicious for sure!

12. My Bloody Valentine

Ok this looks like Hannibal Lecter cooked it! Best to eat it with caution!

13. So Kalbi Maybe

Another extraordinary burger! Fried rice balls really make a big difference. Also, it might be just a tiny bit healthier!

14. The Dirdy Birdy

Duck confit and fried chicken are put together so nicely for you. Watch out, these birds are dirty, not angry!

15. The Wake-N-Bacon

Ok! It's time to wake up and get back to reality. One does wonder how would you even eat this in the morning, though! 

Challenge accepted!

16. So...What do you think of these burgers?!

Meh, overrated...

Make your pick!

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