15 No-No Things Women Should Never Do To Another!


There are certain rules for every type of relationship out there. And girls, you should be writing all these down! You don't want to upset another sister...

1. If you think that dress does not look good on her, please be honest and tell her that.

Try to work on this behavior. If you don't like something, say so. Do not say "These pants looks good on you" if that's not your true opinion.

2. Listen, not because you are curious about the latest gossip. Listen because you care.

You listen to your friends from the beginning of time. Next time, instead of saying "Yeah, right.", try asking "Is there anything I can do to fix that?" They will feel better, we promise.

3. Don't criticize other women around men.

What happens? Do you get an award for criticizing other women? NO.

4. Don't agree when a guy claims that women do not make good friends.

If you're having hard time making female friends, that is your fault. You won't believe it, but there are so many female BFFs in this world that mean the world to each other.

5. Do not ever consider that your manager's marriage failure is related to her gender.

Leave personal stuff out of your office. The marital status of your manager has nothing to do with you.

6. When your BF cheats on you, don't blame the other woman first.

Your BF is the person who has a loyalty contract with you. You don't have be BFF's with this other woman. Just remind that your dearest BF should be the one to provide explanation.

7. Men are not the cause of women's success all the time.

We are always likely to think that if a women is successful it's because they are supported by other men. Well, this is wrong. Get used to appreciating other people's success.

8. Do not judge another women because you don't approve of her lifestyle.

Just because you don't approve of the dating habits of your neighbor doesn't mean that you have the right to talk behind her back.

9. Age is not something you can control. Be aware of it next time you criticize someone over their age.

Think about it. You're already 28. And you're not gonna stay 28 your whole life. Do the math before you talk.

10. Don't get mad at some other woman because you both like the same person.

This is not a game. You're not Juliet and he is not your Romeo. If you're not someone's priority, you better let that person go.

11. Don't let your son bully your daughter.

Fans of Star Wars would understand that boys should be treated carefully. Teach them to be respectful.

12. Be nice to those who are younger and brighter.

Don't make other people's life hell, just because you're older than them. Older and therefore wiser, right?

13. Do not brag about your goofy child to an another mom.

We're not saying that you should stop bragging. It's your right as a mom. However, do it in a more grounded way. Do not make anyone feel bad about themselves with your constant bragging.

14. Same goes for you, if you are a mother in law.

You think that your son deserves a Victoria's Secret model. Well, instead of dreaming, maybe try to embrace your daughter-in-law. Get to know her better.

15. Don't think that other women constantly envy you.

Really, no one has that much time be that interested to anyone else's life. It will be a great relief to stop comparing yourself with other women. You live your life, they live theirs, and that's it.

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