15 Musts For Dads With Daughter(s)

> 15 Musts For Dads With Daughter(s)

Like father, like daughter... 

There is no need to try and explain how special the bond between a father and his daughter is. It's up to you, fathers, to keep your relationship special. Give these suggestions a try and you won't regret it.

1. Of course, she is your princess, but don't forget that you will have to make an effort to keep things going as they are now.

2. Break free from the mentality that girls play with dolls. Don't try to limit her interests, just guide your daughter.

3. Don't keep your sensitive side from her. The more she discovers her emotional side, the stronger she will feel.

4. Come up with your own father-daughter inside jokes. You can be sure she'll remember those for the rest of her life!

5. Teach her to face her fears instead of running away from them. Make her feel that you are always there for her, no matter what.

6. Always keep your promises. Let the people who don't appreciate her enough be the only ones to break her heart, not you.

7. Help her discover her talents.

8. Try to understand everything she's into without limiting yourself, and her, with stupid gender stereotypes.

9. Don't tell her anything you wouldn't tell your son.

10. When she wants to talk about her problems, don't just shake them off or tell her to go to her mom instead. If you want her to come running to you, that is.

11. This doesn't mean you can talk comfortably about everything with her. Sexuality, even boy-problems, might be better if referred to her mom. But still, you can tell her that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

12. Teach her, from the very beginning, that she is the only one who can, and should, make her own decisions.

13. Never miss a chance to pay a compliment to her and her mom.

14. Never hesitate to tell her that you love her.

15. Never leave her out of the work that you are doing or exclude her because you think it is a 'man's job.' Let her try to do it.

Never talk about other womens' bodies in a critical or lustful way. It's within the possibility that she might associate the things you say with herself.