15 Moments Only Childhood Friends Could Relate To!


Years pass by, and our lives change as if it's proving the term “The only thing that doesn’t change is change itself.” There is just one thing remains the same. Our friend that we spent our childhood with.

1. You watch each other grow old.

2. You can communicate with just eye contact or a meaningful silence.

3. Even though you fight sometimes…

4. It doesn’t take too long for you to make up.

5. You witness each other’s alteration.

When he/she was a rapper, rocker..

6. You can comfortably cry, scream or laugh next to them.

7. You develop some gestures that only you guys can understand.

You just need a little motion to communicate things like  “Look,”  “That’s a no," or “Save me.”

8. There are certain jokes that only you guys can understand. You don’t even care about people looking at you like aliens.

9. You share every single thing happening in your life.

10. Your childhood friend can listen to you for hours when you have a problem, for real.

11. Every detail you see brings up a memory.

When you see a world map for instance, you can talk about your geography teacher and high school memories for hours. Every detail has a long story behind.

12. You become a member of each other's family.

You develop strong relationships with your childhood friend’s family. Even though you’re angry with him/her, you continue your communication with their families.

13. Their place is your safe spot when you get bored. You can host each other comfortably and hang out all night.

14. You sometimes lie to save each other’s ass. There are secrets that should be taken to the grave.

15. You witness each other’s ‘firsts.’

First graduation, first flirt, first kiss, getting dumped for the first time, leaving the city for the first time, first job interview, first rings, first childbirth, death, rights, wrongs, successes, mistakes.. Your childhood friend experiences all that together with you.

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