15 Great Features About People Who Are Happy with Less


Even if you reach your goals, you will always set newer and higher ones.  There is never a limit, and you will never feel fully happy or satisfied until you reach them. It’s a vicious cycle.  

On the other hand, there are people who set their expectations low and just go with the flow.  These people tend to be different.  They have that “inner” peace, look at life differently, and feel free.  Even Plato agrees with us on this: “The greatest wealth is to live content with little.”

1. They have no stress, worries or drama in their lives. They don’t always feel upset about the things they can’t get.

2. They have no need to compare their lives with others who might have more, or less.

Extreme jealousy, high ambitions and desires are not their game.

3. They don’t care what others say. They never surrender to what society “might” approve of.

They just embrace life as a flow and go along with it.

4. They consider each day to be a brand new beginning so they can spread their joy around.

5. They're always positive and humble compared to others.

6. They're good at being happy with what they have. They don’t make big issues out of small things.

7. Just because they are not obsessed with their goals doesn’t mean they don’t aim big. They just remain calm while taking every step.

8. They would never give up moral happiness for material

9. They accept their partners the way they are instead of trying to fit them into a stereotype.

10. This is why they don’t experience big disappointments and there won’t be any constant arguments over who is right or wrong.

11. Unlike most people, they never surrender to lust or use other people.

It’s not a dream if you get there using or hurting others.

12. They prefer a cozy, little house instead of a big, kick-ass mansion.

13. They have a tendency to think and do so much for others that they forget about their own needs.

14. Instead of chasing happiness their whole lives, they find the happiness around them.

15. And when they finally get there, they never forget where they came from…

In short, they are rare and joyful people who get the most out of life.

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