15 Fruits And Vegetables That Look Like They Are Working Under Cover! :)


Nothing is as it seems. Therefore, sometimes a strawberry can be a butterfly and a potato can be a bear. Sometimes it might even seem like your carrot is sitting in your soup or your radish is just gonna wander off.

There are a fair few reasons why a fruit or vegetable can grow into an odd shape, but the main reason is damage to its scar tissue. If during its early growth it receives scarring, it can halt growth and cause a deformity.

If I have your attention now, let me prove my wild claims and show you the fruits and vegetables that look like they are using the art of disguise to work undercover!

Source: http://www.boredpanda.com/fruit-vegetabl...

1. This bear-shaped potato.

2. And this foot-shaped radish with all its five toes!

3. These weird fruits working undercover as parrots!

4. Satan's tomato.

5. Love is the root for everything!

6. This radish is coming for you!

7. And this is a butterfly strawberry!

8. Carrot with an attitude wants to be left alone.

9. They said I could be anything, so I decided to be a duck.

10. I am FROOT!

11. Yet another loving and cuddling pair of carrots.

12. The fist-shaped pepper.

13. Why the long face, eggplant? Why the face, at all?

14. Find the dragon!

15. Can onion angry birds fly?

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