15 Facts You Will Agree On If Your Upstairs Neighbor Is A Noisy Monster

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Apartment life is hard... Especially if your upstairs neighbors are NOISY MONSTERS! Here is a support group for all of us, tortured downstairs neighbors, where you can speak your heart. Here are 16 facts you will totally agree on!

1. Your upstairs neighbors probably prefer to wear shoes like these:

2. Or these:


3. This is their preferred type of transportation:

4. They have a pet horse... in the house...

5. They love games like this to spice up a normal day:

6. They love to surf on the stairs in the mornings...

7. Their hobby is probably something like this:

8. They might look like this:


9. If they have kids...

10. Your upstairs neighbor chilling in their fave Yeezys...


11. Every time, you are like maybe I should leave a fucking note...


12. Or maybe just get revenge...

13. You have wasted countless flip-offs to the ceiling...

14. Nothing can help you sleep...

15. Walls are probably made out of papers because you hear fucking EVERYTHING!


It's almost like everything goes on in your home. Are you going delusional?

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