15 Examples Showing Life Before Cellphones!


As much as it seems like cellphones have been stuck in our hands forever, most of us have experienced life without cellphones. A life without smartphones may not seem possible today, and it is a fact that they shape our lives radically with their pros and cons. Let's take a closer look at the "What were we doing before cellphones?" cliché. Let's see what we were doing or not doing.

1. There were usually no such things as spontaneous meet ups. We would always determine the time and place beforehand.

2. To kill time on public transit, we would watch the road, listen to the radio or read a book.

3. After we left home, we couldn't learn a thing about what was going on in the world.


4. Because we couldn't text the person we love, we would just go to their door instead.

5. When we were going to call our lover, we would have a mini heart attack, thinking of her dad or his mom answering the phone.

6. When we went to a restaurant or a cafe, we wouldn't choose our seats based on where the plug was.

7. We didn't know a way to express our emotions other than writing, like using the heart emoji every minute. Don't judge! WE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT A SELFIE WAS!


8. We would ask the deli place around the corner if we got lost, instead of Google Maps.


9. When we went to the theatre, the first thing we did wasn't to put our phones on silent mode. We didn't know the embarrassment of a phone ringing in the middle of a movie.


10. When we were going to bed, we were totally more relaxed. We didn't have a sleep killer in our hands with a bunch of social media apps and emails we can't help ourselves but check.


11. There was no such thing as "Text me when you get home." People wouldn't call each other to say "I'm home" because calling somebody wasn't that mainstream.


12. The phones people owned at home were not compared with each other as a social status indicator. That happened after we put our phones in our pockets and many people started to see them.

13. People would pay attention to each other during their days out. The heads wouldn't be looking down straight at their millennium toys.

14. We had less to be sorry about.

15. And we would actually enjoy the places we went instead of wasting our time trying to take a hundred selfies.

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