15 Easy And Fun Home Makeover Ideas


There’s no reason to buy new stuff; you already have everything you need. You can use these easy ways of transforming furniture and make amazing changes in your sweet home.

1. Do not change that old dresser.

You can recreate your old-fashioned dresser with a little hand skill. First all you have to do is to apply a color you want after thoroughly sanding and finally to draw on it with a thick-tipped or sponge-tipped brush!

2. You will not say "I am not handy" this time.

You can give an antique look to your furniture by using sandpaper after applying paint. This way you can renew your outdated furniture and create a bohemian atmosphere.

3. Have you ever heard of wood putty?

Have you ever heard of wood putty?
Have you ever heard of wood putty?

Wood putty has many uses but we will use it for a DIY project this time. First, apply a half centimeter thick putty layer where you want to re-make. Then on it; you stick the silicon cloths we use for the kitchen cabinets and wait for a while. When you remove the cloths you will get a rough look. You can then paint it with spray paint and let it dry.

4. How about stickers?

Stickers can add a very different atmosphere to your room and you can easily renew your furniture.

5. You like classics, but not too old-fashioned ones.

So a few new handles and paint can help you. Once you thoroughly sand your old furniture, you can paint and add the last touch with new handles.

6. Another good idea is stencils and templates.

Once you have painted your cupboards you can make different patterns and letters with templates.

7. Use old frames for the youngest of the house!

You can put a board inside the frames and paint it with a blackboard paint making it a writing board.

8. TV units do not have to cost a fortune.

You can paint your old drawer cupboard into a TV stand and create some extra arrangement space.

9. You can even go for a decorative concept.

Young people especially love crazy concepts but student flats are not usually filled with brand new designers' furniture. So you can give your old furniture a new look with a template or sticker.

10. A piano to change the whole room.

Ok, not everyone has a piano getting rusty in the attic but if you do have one, you can paint it in a different color and make it a part of your decoration.

11. Fun fun children rooms!

Buying expensive furniture pieces in a child's room is not always logical as you want to re-use them when they grow up. Then it would be enough to paint them in a few colors as a cheaper and amusing idea.

12. Old coffee table to new comfy puff.

It may be a little more challenging, but the result is great. Cover the table with fiber and cotton and then cover it with a fabric you like.

13. Classic furniture obsession.

If classic furniture makes you happy, you can simply play a little with colors. Even the oldest ones could create a completely different atmosphere in your house.

14. Bright colors on classic furniture, because why not?

You can especially change your furniture to revive the rooms with plenty of light.

15. Show off with your handiness.

Make sure to try painting a tiny piece in different colors and textures to fully change your home. Sometimes it turns out to be even better than getting new ones.

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