15 Distinct Features Of People Who Don’t Believe In Horoscopes


It’s not that we don’t like the people who don’t! On the contrary, we wouldn’t be producing space crafts if we didn’t have their skeptical approach. But we still want to point out some attitudes they might want to change:

1. They usually have a negative approach to their own zodiac sign and they don’t like to talk about it.

They immediately put that face on when someone tries to have a conversation about their zodiac sign. Even though they’re not into horoscopes, they can decide which ones to talk about.

2. They’re too cool to believe in horoscopes

We respect that they have more important things to deal with, but their attitude over how stupid they find this topic makes us sad.

3. They think the whole zodiac sign thing is about the ones they read in newspapers.

They’re usually not aware of the astrological rationales of horoscopes, so they accept interpretations as bullshit.

4. People who believe in horoscopes are ignorant to them

If you believe in your sign and live according to that, unfortunately, you’ll be in this category too.

5. These are the people who have lost their emotional and romantic sides.

Because they’re too rational to live according to what they feel, they become robots without emotions. We can observe this in their their personal relationships too.

6. Most of them don’t believe in God, either.

Nothing abstract is real for these people, so they can’t believe in God, either. There could be some exceptions, but, I mean, who cares? Everyone’s free to believe in anything, these are just some observations.

7. They live a rational and scientific life

They always try to explain things rationally. This is actually the main cause of their disbelief in horoscopes. But, as we said, zodiac signs have their scientific explanations.

8. We don’t know how the f*ck this happens, but they know the features of their signs very well.?!

We can try to be optimistic by thinking that they know all the information from that ex-girlfriend who was into horoscopes... Still, it’s weird for people who don’t believe in horoscopes to know everything about their signs.

9. We can conclude they’re acting shady and actually reading their horoscopes

Otherwise, how the hell do they know Pisces is characterized by empathy and expressed emotional capacity?

10. When they find out their crush is into horoscopes, they immediately put that face on and start the conversation about it

They do this just for romance, right? We hope so. We still have advice for you:
don’t try to be different for anyone, remember who you are and you should be loved the way you are.

11. There’s more… When they find out their sign gets along with their crush’s, they may even start ‘believing’ in horoscopes

This is love, right? You can’t think straight when it gets you. We observe the
situation clearly in those who don’t believe in horoscopes. Their principles
change when the love comes into play.

12. We hear them getting surprised like “Are there still people who believe in horoscopes?” Well duh, Yeah there are?!..

We see these comments especially under any social media content about zodiac signs.. I mean, why do you feel the need to express it everywhere?

13. They think that not believing in horoscopes is a sign of intelligence

Plus, they feel the need to show it everywhere they go. On the internet or real life, if there’s a topic on horoscopes, these people interrupt the conversation and state how stupid they find it.

14. It becomes a requirement for them to emphasize the ignorance of the people who live by their horoscope

They can’t stop themselves from saying this, signs of zodiac are a taboo for them, so it’s impossible to stop

15. Still, we love them :)

As we stated before, we do love you, but we will love you more if you give up these attitudes. 💚

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