15 Bits Of Information That Will Surely Broaden Your Horizon More Than You Can Imagine!


They might sound a bit difficult to believe. This is exactly why they all happened. I always thought the world was an interesting place as it is but no! History has to prove me wrong all the time and say, 'hey, it's more interesting than you think, just look at the past.'  Who knows, maybe some thousand years later, what we do today will seem insane to our grandchildren.

1. Steve Jobs's car didn't have a license plate and would often park in the disabled parking area.


To avoid getting a license plate, he changed his car with the same one every 6 months. Because the maximum limit you can travel without a license plate in California is 6 months.

2. Michael Phelps didn't stop practicing even once for six years. Most of the professional swimmers are off on Sundays, except for Phelps.


3. More than 1,000 languages were spoken in Brazil before being discovered by the Europeans.


4. IBM produced the world's first touchscreen phone, in 1992.


5. In 1543, the Ottoman troops surrounded Nice with French troops, which is in today's French territory. The troops invaded the city but the ones that couldn't pass the castle looted the city and retreated.


6. Russian astronaut, Sergei Krikalev, broke a record by spending 804 days at the International Space Station. During this mission, he made 1,543,921,652,000 miles (543,921,652 km) in space


7. Misread doctor's handwriting costs 7,000 people to lose their lives annually.


8. Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia.


9. Hitler was nominated in 1939, by the Swedish politician Erik Gottfrid Brandt, for the Nobel Peace Prize.


10. Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire.


11. According to ancient Greek law, if you are guilty of lying with a man's wife, the same man could put a radish up your butt.


12. The longest kiss in the world lasted 30 hours and 59 minutes


13. The total number of deaths in the video game called 'HALO' is more than all real deaths on earth up to this point.


It is thought that the number of people who died in the world is 108 billion. In HALO this number is around 136 billion.

14. In 2011, the world's largest tire producing companies were announced. The first company was not a tire company.


It was Lego.

15. The most common religion in Antarctica is Christianity. There are 8 churches in total.


This church is one of them.

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