etiket 14 Weirdest Sex Laws From All Over The World!

> 14 Weirdest Sex Laws From All Over The World!

Public sex has always been one of the most common fantasies of couples. Our actions in public places have to be regulated by laws for more than obvious reasons. Maybe the fact that it is forbidden makes it more attractive but the laws we have compiled from indi100 for you are so specific that you can't help but wonder 'Who the hell has thought of this?'

This post will definitely widen your horizons.

1. In Pennsylvania, it is forbidden to have sex with truck drivers at toll booths.

2. Within the borders of Ottumwa, Iowa, USA it is an offence to wink at a woman you do not personally know.

3. If you are Singapore and you look through your window when naked, you have committed a crime.

So it is forbidden to be naked in your private living area if it can be seen from outside.

4. And a similar ban from China: it is forbidden only for women to walk around naked in a hotel room; except for the bathroom, obviously.

5. In Poland, it is a felony to rape animals more than once.

6. In the 70s, hot sauces and spices were banned in Peruvian prisons. Why? Because it is possible that these sauces and spices could have an aphrodisiac effect on the inmates.

7. In London, it is forbidden to have sex on a parked motorcycle. If you can manage to get lucky while driving, you more than deserve to show off.

8. In Cali, a city of Colombia, the couples are not allowed to be alone on their wedding night. The mother of the bride has to witness everything going on in the newly weds' room.

9. In Ancient Greece, if a man cheated on his wife, his pubic hair was completely shaved off and a radish was inserted into his anus.


10. In Maine, USA, offering to pay the cab fare with sexual favors is illegal. Taxi drivers are forbidden to accept such an offer.

But only if the passenger is returning from a nightclub or anywhere that serves alcohol.

11. In Florida, it is illegal to have sex with a porcupine.

It is impossible not to wonder why such a law had to be made.

12. In Colorado, it is illegal to kiss a sleeping woman.

This one makes the most sense so far.

13. In Lebanon it is forbidden to engage in sexual activities with a male animal. But how about females?

14. In Birmingham, England, it is an offense to have sex on church stairs after sunset.

I mean why would you want to plant such an idea in people's heads. WHY?