14 Things You Must Know About Women Who Like Loneliness!


You need to know a couple of things before dating a woman who doesn't give a f*ck about being single, alone or not loved, because now, you are with somebody who is doing you a favor by letting you be their lives.

1. There is a good reason why they are alone. Don't forget the possibility that they may have recently gotten their heart broken.


2. She will only be your girlfriend. Don't expect her to be your caretaker or mom.


3. The most important trait that living alone gives to somebody is the addiction to freedom. Respect it.


Have your own life and space, because she does and will, too.


4. She is a falcon that loves to fly alone, learn how not to burden her.


She might like going out alone, going on holidays with her friends and just going off the grid from time to time. If you try to limit her, it will drive her off quickly.

5. Don't worry, she won't scream when she sees a bug. She knows how to handle them.


She has learned how to do small repairs at home by herself. She also knows how to get rid of roaches, spiders and even mice!!

6. She has two separate, but whole lives: her social life and her love life.


They have a life apart from their love life. They love spending time and having fun with friends and family. Don't expect or want her to be only yours.

7. She is looking for a partner, not pain in the ass.


Living alone has taught her how to make decisions on her own, and she has never complained about this. The fact that she is in a relationship with you doesn't mean that you can interfere with her life. As soon as she sees you as a problem, she won't see any harm in going back to her single days.

8. She isn't a princess that has been kidnapped by a dragon. She doesn't need you to save her.


She needs you to be her boyfriend, not her hero.

9. She knows very well what it means to have a relationship.


Don't  worry, she isn't a relationship-noob that you have to teach everything from the beginning. She will make your relationship pretty enjoyable, fun and exciting!

10. Don't be fooled by the fact that she has had her heart broken: she is a very strong woman.


It isn't her weakness, she respects all those wounds. Don't forget that she is strong.

11. She doesn't need you to try to change her, because she is ready to accept you as you are.


The worst thing you could possibly do is to try to change her. She is a woman who has her priorities straight and who knows what she wants. She has already explored herself and doesn't need you to change her.

12. Over the years, she has learned how to enjoy her life. All she wants is you to join her!


.She just wants to enjoy life and for you to enjoy it with her.

13. Lastly, don't forget that she gave up on something that she really loves by letting you into her life


She has probably made the biggest sacrifice for you. She has compromised her solitude and comfort. Try to keep this in mind.

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