14 Sweet Sweet Torment Siblings Go Through When They Live In The Same Room


When you are a little kid, it’s ok and it’s really fun to share the room. But as you get older, some things are just too much to handle and drive you crazy! Time to take another look at the things you've been going through!

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1. The torment of being tidy but having a messy brother/sister

2. Turn off the light. No you turn it off, no you turn it off. I went to bed first! I’m older!

3. The sweet joy of chatting after you manage to turn the lights off even if you just had a fight seconds ago.

4. Being extremely careful as if you were in a mine field not to wake them up.

Shit! LEGO!

5. It’s never your room and it never looks the way you wanted.

6. Secret jealousy against friends who have their own room.

7. 12 ways to make your snoring sister stop.

8. Puberty hits...Oh painful!

9. No private life. None at a…(SPLAT!)

10. The vicious I’ll tell my parents threat cycle.

What you want? Chocolate, money?

11. Your clothes and personal items used recklessly.

12. Your bed is always the best one and their relentless efforts to get your bed.

13. Extra struggling if you are a brother and sister.

14. But in the end, having the best roommate ever!

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