14 Reasons The Adjective "Crazy" Is Actually Positive For Women!


If not crazy, then "nutcase", " wacko", "loco", "cracky", "nutter..." These adjectives actually show how a woman lives on her own, with her own rules, not giving a single f*ck about what others think or might think.

1. Because these women have high self-esteem, they are independent and they value their freedom.

2. They don't count on other's help and never give any chance to people who act sexist.

3. If it's their life we're talking about, they are absolutely carefree and they have their own rights and wrongs.

4. This adjective is a signal that they are "alive", they do not just exist, they live their lives to the fullest.

5. They are who they are. They don't bother looking more different than who they are.

6. They aren't scared of dreaming, following their dreams, i.e. living as it pleases them.

7. Falling in love and confessing their love is their life philosophy, they never go through their emotions silently.

8. And "crazy" women never keep things bottled up: That's the only reason why they are emotionally healthy people.

9. They literally have zero fucks to give about what others think of them.

10. They bring color to your life, they encourage you to do the things that you are scared to do.

11. They're also good listeners and mentors, they prepare you for the things that you can't even imagine doing.

12. They have no problems with their characters, looks, and life styles: They know how to love themselves in any situation.

13. They believe in telling the truth and the truth only...True guardians...

14. They aren't selfish, they don't think the world runs around them, they know how to be happy with what they have.

Bonus - First time you meet them, you may think they are total "eccentrics" but in fact, they're far from eccentric!

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