13 Things You're Doing Wrong Every Day Without Knowing It!


Most of our every-day actions are habitual; once we're in motion, we just don't stop to question whether they are totally healthy. A Quora article compiled the things we do every day that actually complicate our lives. We chose the best ones among these things you may be completely overlooking or not even know you are doing.

1. You put on your duvet cover wrong

2. You tie a tie wrong (rather, too slowly)

3. You position your car's side mirrors wrong

4. You pop up pimples wrong

5. You pack suitcases wrong

6. You tie shoes wrong

7. You fold shirts wrong

8. You take your shirt off wrong

9. You peel potatoes wrong

10. You seed a pomegranate wrong

11. No, You seed a pomegranate wrong (No water method)

12. You peel bananas wrong

13. You even crack eggs wrong

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