13 Things You Will Experience When You Keep Dating With Two People At The Same Time

> 13 Things You Will Experience When You Keep Dating With Two People At The Same Time

Most of us are looking for the one, the right person we would like to spend the rest of our lives with. And sometimes, during this search, we just want to make sure that we keep all the possibilities open not to miss any chance. 

So, during these times, you may find yourself dating two different people with two different characteristics at the same time. It's not very unusual, although some find it unethical. 

There is a good reason behind it, and we can justify it by different arguments. However, when you keep seeing both your dates, it's not only very exhausting in the long term but also very likely to end up bad for you.

You may find yourself alone in the journey  you started with two other people...

1. First, you'll start forcing yourself really hard to make a choice between them.

2. People around you, even your best friends can get judgmental about it, ignore them.

3. You will try to justify it by saying you like different things about both of them.

4. But as you keep dating with them both, you will also start feeling guilty about it.

5. If not, you will get FOMO.

FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out, is characterized by a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing, generally through social media.

6. At some point, you will confuse their names or end up texting to the other one.

7. Even if that won't happen, the fear of it will take over. You will get paranoid and check the same message 10 times before sending.

8. It will get exhausting… Really.

9. At some point, you will start thinking about future and how this will end up for you. And the more you think, the more confused and anxious you'll get.,

10. You'll have to remember all the lies you told, so you won't get busted!

11. You'll spend more and more time with comparisons, assessments, evaluating pros and cons of your dates.

12. You will be constantly checking whether you deleted your call or computer history.

13. And if you keep playing this double-game, you will eventually lose both of them.

Bonus: Just accept the consequences of your actions and grow up!