13 Signs Showing Your Long Term Relationship Is Ending...


It's not so nice to see things slowly falling apart folks...

1. You start talking less...


All the emotional and important issues are not discussed anymore. You only talk about something you saw on the way, or what you had for lunch.

2. The time you spend together doesn't feel so special now.


But before, your heart beat faster and faster when you saw him/her. Nowadays, you keep checking your messages, uploading photos on Instagram or playing your game.

3. You've started sharing more with your family and close friends.


Your partner is not the only one you share all the important things happening in your life with anymore. Matter of fact, you share less with them.

4. Your sex life is getting worse and worse...


You've started coming up with excuses to avoid sex. And when you do have sex, it's more like an obligation than passionate feels.

5. You keep talking about your relationship, but at the end of the day, nothing changes.


At first, you'll benefit, but that'll only be short term. You'll feel like it's all back to normal for a week or two but once you keep talking on and on about these issues, you both feel more and more tired. In the end, nothing actually changes...

6. You analyze your relationship with your family and friends.


The more you talk about it, the worse you feel. You can't really tell everything that's been going on and you don't like the reactions either. If you keep having these talks, you'll start pushing people away, as well as making things worse in your relationship.

7. Suspicions about cheating.


It's not about the actual cheating, it's more about the trust between you getting completely destroyed.

8. You keep saying "Nothing is what it used to be anymore...".


You want to bathe yourself in the same river over and over again. But it's not possible. Never will be...

9. One side accuses the other of being insensitive.


You try and talk about it  like a civilized person but against you, there's a stone cold wall. They don't listen to you, and even if they do, it doesn't change a thing. You end up questioning the very core of this relationship.

10. You often sit down and think about all the good times you had together...


How much you were admired and loved back then...

11. Sometimes you feel so lost and there's nothing else left to do.


You try and make it work, but in the end, you feel like you had enough. You take a break and then you start trying again. But it's time to face it. This is a vicious cycle.

12. You stop making plans together...


Even a concert next week becomes a long term plan. You can hardly make decisions about where you'll dine tomorrow.

13. And finally, you start thinking of all the possibilities about the break-up...


What you're going to say, what they're going to say, when you're going to say it, and how you're going to say it...All the possible scenarios, all the aftermath and backlash. In the end, you start planning what you might end up doing to move forward...It is painful and it will hurt...We are so sorry...

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