13 Optical Illusions That You’ll Have To Look Twice To Understand!


We always wonder how our brains work, especially when it comes to visual perception.

Most of the time, we can’t find a satisfying answer, as the brain works in mysterious ways and is quite complex how it does what it does.

Nature, sometimes, troubles our mind even more than the optical illusion images drawn specifically to trick our minds.  

Here are 13 of the most perplexing views from nature that you probably won't be able to tell whether they are photos or paintings.

1. Underground Waterfall


This illusion occurs as a result of the sand and silt deposits flowing through the Mauritius' shore. It looks like an underground waterfall when seen from a distance.

2. The Painting


Most people think that this is a painting, but it’s actually a photograph. When looked carefully, dead trees in the front can be seen. On the background are the red hills of Namibia.

You see, angle of the light and the shadows it created tricked your mind amazingly.

3. Wavy Sea


When you see clouds like these, you may feel like the sea is not on the ground level, but it’s flowing over your head. These nature’s wonders called Undulatus asperatus forms a magnificent landscape, which is, well, a bit scary.

Another thing you need to know is that although these clouds seem like they are coming from a storm or a hurricane, they have nothing to do with them.

4. Magic Lake


Uyuni Lake confuses one’s mind as the gaps between the salt molecules are filled with a thin water layer that reflects the light coming from sun.

5. Cliff Edge


Although it seems like a man is walking by the edge of a cliff, he is in fact walking by a river flowing inside the Glen Canyon.

6. Treelike Figures


Is it a stream bed or a tree?

The answer is neither.

What you see in the photograph is rivers forming treelike figures on the desert of Baja California in Mexico.

7. Stone Waves


These sandstone rock formations, located around the Utah-Arizona border, are the result of a million-year process of tiny particles coming off the sand hills getting together and solidifying. Main reasons behind this natural phenomenon to occur are heavy downfalls and storms.

8. The Cliff


Do you see the children jumping off the cliff?

Well, that’s in fact an optical illusion. These kids are jumping into a gigantic water hole named Jacob’s Well in Texas, not off a cliff. The water is so transparent that it creates an incredible illusion.

9. Mountain Pathway


What most people see in this photo is a mountain pathway, but it's not. It is actually Colorado River. The angle of the light, the shadows and our point of view make us perceive it as a pathway.

10. Firestorm


These photos from Rio Tinto River in Spain look like as if they were taken during a firestorm.

Mine searching activities caused acidic matter to accumulate in and around the river, and this extraordinary scene was sighted as a result of certain chemical reactions.

11. Ghost Suns


Sunlight reflecting from crystallized icy ground causes this incredible view as if there are several suns in the sky.

12. Cobweb


Most people would think that this is a photo taken on a rainy day with perfect timing.

If you look closer, however, you can see that these are the raindrops hanging on a cobweb.

13. Two-Headed Zebra


Perceptual confusion caused by white and black strings overlapping makes us assume that there are two heads on a zebra’s body.

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