13 Magical Tricks That Will Lengthen The Duration Of Sex


Sex is a significant part of living. It's possible to have intercourse for longer if you know what you are doing in bed and there are very simple ways to increase the duration. Some of these tricks might sound obvious to you, but they will help you make your sex game better for sure!

1. Prefer food and drinks that would arouse your desire before sexual intercourse.


It won't be a wise decision to choose a heavy meal before sex. Instead, choose light and fresh meals that would arouse your sexual interest. You can do this together with your partner, if you like.

2. Make sure you have a comfortable space.


Concentration is key to have sex for longer moments. For this reason, pick a place that would make both parties comfortable. Even a small uneasiness can shorten the time of the intercourse.

3. Avoid sticking to a stable rhythm.


Intense touching increases the attraction between partners. This way, muscles relax and the body prepares itself for intercourse. If you follow an irregular rhythm with a dynamic phase, this will help your partner to keep their interest.

4. Do not skip foreplay!


Foreplay is the preparation process where partners intensively arouse each other. Having 10-15 minutes of foreplay increases the chances of longer intercourse and the rest of the sex should be no less than 15 minutes.

5. Don't hesitate to try new things in bed!


In order to keep things interesting, try new positions. Doing the same things all the time can cause the other party to lose their interest. Be open to new experiences!

6. Whisper what you want in their ears.


According to research, the intimate chat during sex can help increase sexual arousal. You can whisper what you want and lead your partner and spice things up.

7. Enjoy the process rather than focusing on the end.


An orgasm is something that both parties would like to reach. However, if you only focus on reaching orgasm, your movements become more automatic and you miss out on having pleasure. Try a dynamic pace in order to keep the arousal on track.

8. Be vocal to show that you're enjoying yourself.


This will not only make you relax but also motivate your partner at the same time. Do not disturb your neighbors, but don't give up on your pleasure either.

9. Show your self-confidence. Don't make your body an issue in bed.


Nobody's perfect. Accepting your body the way it is will be your benefit. Don't turn these things into a problem. Be confident about how you look.

10. Try to experience your fantasies.


Trying out new fantasies is perfect for preventing a dull sex life. Don't be ashamed to follow your fantasies. Be open minded in bed.

11. Breathe deeply to avoid premature ejaculation.


Men usually stay put when they are about to ejaculate. Taking a deep breath and holding oneself would help to prevent premature ejaculation. Increasing the blood flow is key to having long lasting intercourse.

12. If possible, avoid using alcohol and smoking cigarettes.


Consumption of alcohol and cigarettes can make you easily tired during sex. This consumption might also prevent getting erections. For this reason, doing regular exercises will be beneficial for your sex life.

13. Don't forget to do Kegel exercises.


Kegel exercise is done by contracting the muscles around the female pelvic area. Doing pilates and going for walks is beneficial for tighter pelvic muscles.

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