13 Cringing Questions Kids Asked Their Parents And It's Hard To Stop Laughing!


Children can be curious sometimes and they're waiting for some answers. Sometimes you needed to answer their cringeworthy questions. Here are some parents who had to deal with answering life’s very very uncomfortable questions!


My friends 4 year olds first time at the zoo he asked ‘where are the dinosaurs’. She was like fuck he’s only seen them in books just like tigers and stuff and hadn’t thought about how to explain extinction. Cue a very traumatised 4 year old learning every dinosaur he loved was dead. Which lead to ‘WHAT DOES DEAD MEAN?’ --alicecarroll


“Who is that?” While pointing at an empty hallway. -typejr


When my son was about 4, I was awoken at around 3 am by tiny fingers prying my eyelids open to inquire, “Mommy, do cats have jobs?”


My four year old walked in on me in the bathroom and went, “Mama, where’s your penis!?”
I told him I don’t have one and I think I broke his brain for a minute.


Driving my daughter home from elementary school: “Hey Mom, what’s a blow job?” -vr810qs


“Why is Michael Jackson brown sometimes?” -My 5 year old


My 8 year old daughter asked me why daddy had 2 girlfriends and they would take turns sleeping over in his bed but she wasnt allowed to talk to the girls about each other. (Me and her father have been divorced for 7 years but still remain close for her. ) i just kinda starred at her for a moment and said daddy has a lot of friends… the most awkward 30 seconds ever.


Kid I babysat who had a breastfeeding infant brother – If you don’t have a baby why do you have boobs?
Wasn’t that strange but it did stick with me.


7yo nephew: “Hey mommy, what is a girl’s penis called?”
Sister in law: “it’s different than a penis, but it’s called a vagina.”
5yo nephew: “‘Vagina’? I like the sound of that!”


I had to explain to my girls why mom decided to go move in with their former principal… so many awkward questions. Does mommy love him? Does mommy love you? Do you love mommy?


My then-4 year old son asking, “Do girls pee from their butt?” After explaining that girls pee from their private part and not their butt, he gets the most disgusted look on his face and says “Oh…you mean where the hair is?” Was. Not. Prepared.


My nephew running in explaining that he just saw pictures and was wondering why a women is playing with a screwdriver when she is naked.
Found my dads porn mags he was selling in the shop downstairs.


Once my four year old son realized that chickens (birds) were the same thing as chickens for food, he asked; “are chickens not important?”

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