13 Common Traits Of Annoying "Sweet November" Couples


Sweet November is here again, filling and warming our hearts with the blessing of love. NOT! Just like every November, we get too much of this romantic crap. Dear friends who made us want to quit social media because of your overly annoying, lovey-dovey posts, we respectfully greet you!

This content is dedicated to those who are pretty sick of sweet November. Your pain is our pain!

1. Over-dose of romance.

Sweet November people will start turning into this super romantic person and start posting cheesy love messages as soon as the calendars show the 1st of November. Thank God we have such people that we can never miss the fact that November has come!

2. Watching movies under a blanket to avoid high heating bills.


Because this is what being romance requires, but don't forget! This activity has to be carried out in November and only in November. If you watch movies under a blanket in January and February, your love life is basically f*cked.

3. Holding mugs with both hands as if they are trying to strangle them.


These mugs, which turn into a weapon in the hands of a Sweet November person, have to be photographed and shared on as many platforms as possible.

4. Shooting pictures with fall leaves and laying down on them, if possible.


The fall leaves are the first thing that comes to mind when we think about this season. Sweet November people immortalize these moments by posing for photos, pretending they have no idea that somebody is taking their photo. Yeah, right.

5. Brewing tee by combining different teas that are unheard of.

This can be therapeutic, fine. The smell and the taste should also be pretty great. However, the problem here arises when some act like they have invented this and have to present their genius in November.

6. Making hot wine with your significant other.


For these people, making wine is more important than actually drinking it. Especially when it is about "Enjoying hot wine with the love of my life."

7. Setting up the upgraded Sweet November look while studying for the mid-terms.


As we all know, November is not only the month of love but also the month of mid-terms. If a person believes that being in love in November is a whole different story, they will make this known with the way they study, as well.

8. Wearing matching 'cute' socks.


"It is getting colder but we are doing pretty warmly here! :)" Yeah, November even makes wearing socks more special!

9. Having a hot beverage while reading Eat, Pray, Love!

If this book could talk, it would tell everybody to leave it alone. You can't have a Sweet November without some cheesy books.

10. Celebrating and documenting the arrival of cold with knitted woolen socks.


What can turn a person into this? Weren't you too cool to wear the ones your mom knitted for you before?

11. Starting to knit a beret, scarf, or gloves, etc for the significant other.


Yep, that's love right there. A November romantic knows this very well: it is time to knit things for your sweetheart. However, it is also mandatory to make this known with the hashtag #SweetNovember.

12. Shamelessly including pets for this ugly and desperate romantic movement.


Those who have a soft spot for our cute, pawed friends cannot resist reacting to this. Yeah, love is awesome, now get away so that I can admire your cat!

13. Making Charlize Theron's and Keanu Reeves' ears ring every November.


So here is some good advice for you: love your significant other regardless of any season or month. Stop labeling everything. Warn and inform them if you know a November romantic. We wish you a timeless and great love story!

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