13 Breaking Points That Brings Out Sincerity In A Relationship


Every relationship starts with rainbows and butterflies and couples act like they're out of this world. We love to act like we don't know how people behave in their natural environment. But the reality isn't like that. To reach a comfort zone in a relationship, we need time. Have you ever wondered how you got into that comfort zone in your own relationship?  If you're ready, let's take a look at these breaking points together.

1. Being able to drink from the same glass or bottle without being disgusted


It's an act we don't do unless we have to. There are even times when we don't drink from the same bottle as our moms and dads. But we come to a point in a relationship and say ''we already kiss, so why not drink from the same bottle?''

2. Having foot contact without any fear


We touch everyone every now and then but we never make foot contact, do we? If you're able to touch another person's foot in a relationship, then you've come a long way my friend.

3. Not worrying when we eat things like onions and garlic


During the first months of our relationships, we're really careful about what we eat. We make sure there's no onion in the salad. But after a while, we want as many onions as possible in our Greek Salad. Onions can't stand in the way of love!

4. Not worrying about who's going to pay the bill


Alright, now you're going to say ''of course, whoever has money should pay.'' But you know that's not the case during the first months of the relationship. The moment you start talking about debts and credit loans, that's when they say ''alright, I'll pay.''

5. Not being shy in front of their moms and dads so much

Meeting the parents is a milestone in a relationship. Though the day you meet the parents seems like a doomsday at first, you begin to understand that they're people like everybody else after meeting them.

6. Being able to fart without worrying


This usually happens after 6 months or a year in a relationship. It's inevitable. If you're still wondering if it's ever going to happen to you, let us tell you this; it eventually will. If your partner farted in front of you, nothing will be the same as before: Now you've become one.

7. Being able to take off your bra and underwear next to'em


At first, you might want them to turn off the lights, but this will eventually turn into ''nah, let me just get undressed.'' They're not strangers anymore. Does it really matter where you take off your clothes? This is sincerity, this is tenderness.

8. Not hesitating to use the same bathroom and spending a long time there together


After a 3 months of ''let me be as quick as possible so s/he doesn't understand I'm taking a dump,'' you'll persuade yourself with biology and science. Then you'll say things like ''can't you at least open the window?'' That's what we call sincerity.

9. Cutting your nails as if there's no other time or place to do it


How long can you avoid it? One day or another, your partner who you think descended from heaven will cut his/her nails next to you. This is another moment of breaking the ice.

10. Hanging out around him/her with old clothes as if you don't have new ones


Now, that's being natural! Think of the perfume/cologne you used on your first date. But everything is until you make the investment right? Yeah, you have a point.

11. Starting to pop their blackheads everywhere


If a person is popping another person's blackhead, this means that person sees the other as one, as a part of his/her body. If you ever see a couple like this, ask how long they've been together and if they remember each other's names or not.

12. Sharing the same earbuds without caring


You don't share your earbuds with just anyone, right? They're personal. If you do this, it means you don't have any problems with how hygienic that person is. This means you've gotten used to certain things.

13. Seeing their worst face when they're sick

We're not machines. It's a natural thing to be sick. Think about what your face looks like when you have the flu or catch a cold. If you see your partner's face like that, this means you passed 25 levels in one turn.

A friendly suggestion; don't actually fart next to your partner. It's gross.

Take care!

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