13 Brave Women Rising Up Against The Beauty Standards!


Big breasts, tall figure, small nose, 0-size and many more... These are all stupid beauty standards that society pushes on women. However, not everybody will follow these! 

Here are 13 women who fight against these successfully!

1. Lea T


Although she was born with a male body, she has always had a female identity. Riccardo Tisci, the head of design of Givenchy, discovered her and she became the face of Givenchy during the last few months of 2010. Since that day, her success has been growing. Lea, who got herself accepted in the fashion sector, is the 42nd of the list "Top 50 Female Models."

2. Denise Bidot


Bidot, who moved to Los Angeles and started working as a make-up artist at photo-shoots, got an offer for a plus-size photo-shoot. It didn't take a long time for her to be discovered by big brands. She worked with brands like Target, Forever 21, Macy's and Nordstorm. Additionally, she was the first plus-size model to walk in New York Fashion Week in 2014!

3. Rain Dove


Dove, who is an androgen, says that she is making an activist statement by making appearances in both men's and women's clothing collections. She doesn't belong to any of the sides and she against both, which makes her so special and indispensable in the fashion world.

4. Winnie Harlow


19-year old model Harlow suffers from a skin disease called vitiligo, however that did not stop her from becoming a good model! Here is a piece of advice from her:

"The only person who will make you feel like you aren't beautiful, is you, yourself. Love yourself!"

5. Ashley Graham


The American model, who was the first XL model to pose for Sports Illustrated, was born to crush the mainstream beauty standards!

6. Jillian Mercado


Mercado suffers from another disease called muscular dystrophy. However, the fact that she can't walk isn't a reason for her to give up on her dreams!

7. Andreja Pejic


Australian model Andrej identified himself as an androgen male model until 2014. The model, who claims to experience both genders, is a trans-woman. Naturally, her name also changed. This beautiful model, who could turn her difference into an advantage, looks awesome with both men's and women's clothes and has won the hearts of many!

8. Elliott Sailors


Sailors, who mostly presents men's clothes, is fully a woman. She doesn't feel as if she was supposed to be in another body, either. She is just doing her job and likes wearing both men's and women's clothes!

9. Robyn Lawley


One of the names that the sector embraced after recovering from the plus-size phobia was Lawley. She advises that you accept yourself as you are, and smile despite the unrealistic beauty perceptions that society forces on us!

10. Carmen Dell'Orefice


83-year old Carmen is the oldest model that is still working. Carmen, who started off on the cover of Vogue when she was 15, loves doing the work that she does and we love the work that she does!

11. Jade Willoughby


Jade is the first native American model that walked in New York Fashion Week! She breaks the mainstream beauty standard with her own beauty that is utterly different!

12. Jamie Brewer


Brewer, who has Down Syndrome, is one of the beautiful ladies that can't have enough success! She was the first person with Down-Syndrome to walk in New York Fashion Week. That's not all. She also does acting. Brewer, who has acted in American Horror Story, already has a lot of fans!

13. Madeline Stuart


Stuart, who has Down-Syndrome, has just started to live her dream, and is very passionate and successful. We congratulate both her and her mom for their will power and wish lots of success to her!

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