13 Awesome Tricks To Stop You From Eating All The Time!


If you're still hungry after eating a meal, there're psychological and physiological reasons for that.

You can get rid of this being hungry all the time feeling with some changes in your lifestyle.

1. Make sure you have breakfast every day.


If you start the day without breakfast, you won't feel completely full and will always have an urge to eat.

Eating food high in protein will make you feel full during the day.

2. Don't stop eating the things you like because you're on a diet or are careful with what you're eating.


If you keep the portions small when eating your favorite food, you won't put on much weight because you eat them in small portions, and you'll feel happy psychologically because you're consuming the food you love.

3. Go to the market when you're full.


Going to the market when hungry causes people to buy junk food or things you don't need. Go to the market when you're full and buy healthy food.

You can feel better by eating a healthy snack instead of junk food when you feel hungry.

4. This is for people who exercise!


According to research, people who exercise put on more weight compared to people who don't. The calories they consume after exercise are usually more than they burn during. This rule has an interesting exception. People who focus on other things (like music) instead of their body while doing exercise, tend to eat less afterwards. This means it's a good idea to focus on something else while you're exercising so you won't eat too much after the gym.

5. Don't skip main courses.


When you skip a meal, because your blood sugar gets low, you tend to eat much more for the next meal.

And since your blood sugar gets high too fast afterwards, the feeling of being hungry never goes away.

6. When you get hungry, focus on something else. Exercise for 5 minutes. Go up and down the stairs, stretch your body, sit down and stand up.


Go out and get some fresh air, go for a walk. You'll see how it helps you.

7. Close your eyes and think about something good that happened to you in the last few weeks.


You can even shut your eyes for 5-10 minutes and take a nap. You'll realize your urge to eat will start fading.

8. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.


Include fruit and vegetables high in fiber and protein in your diet.

9. Brush your teeth.


When you brush your teeth, your desire for food will start to go away.

10. Do exercises that relax your body, like yoga.


The tired body will want to eat more. Rest your body with yoga.

11. Drink a lot of water. You can fill your stomach with water.


You'll feel full because of the water in your stomach.

If you start drinking water before meals, you'll see that you'll start eating less.

12. Try to sleep longer.

When you have a good night sleep, the leptin hormone in your body signals the brain that you've gotten a good sleep. This signal means that your body doesn't need many things.

13. Higher stress hormones trigger the desire to eat.


Try to lead a happy life without stress because serotonin, the hormone that makes you happy, is directly related with appetite. As long as you produce this hormone, you won't need much food.

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