12 'Unsurprising' Facts We Realize Once Again After Every Break-Up


Break-ups are the worst. All of a sudden the person who has been closest to you becomes almost a stranger and leaves your life. All the rituals developed together, all the plans you have been looking forward to suddenly become null and void. Scientists found that emotional pain has the exact same effect as physical pain. It comes from the same area of the brain.

But it isn't always pain and suffering. Eventually, everybody moves on and finds someone else. And all the lessons we have learned after a relationship and break-up are valuable.

If only we didn't have to re-learn them over and over again!

1. Spending time alone is a great way to get to know yourself.

Although it is nice to be in a relationship, people sometimes forget about focusing on themselves because they are focusing too much on being a good couple.

2. It is normal to feel completely alone and lonely.

Moments like this is are exactly the time to enjoy and make use of solitude.

3. And it is also perfectly normal to feel sad from time to time.

Being constantly sad is obviously unhealthy. However, it is more than OK to be sad at times. You have to let yourself fully experience the negative emotions. In order to beat such emotions, you first have to get to know them. Only after then will you be ready to move on with your life.

4. Just like it happened with your last relationship and the ones before that, there were both good and bad things, together, at the same time.

Generally, people either focus on the negative aspects of the relationship or just the happiest, romantic, and awesome moments. We feel weak with either anger or melancholy. What we need to realize is a simple fact: relationships are made of both good and bad things. That's why you should widen your perspective.

5. You will think about each other.

Be it a view, or a food, or a Facebook post... It doesn't matter. You will be reminded of each other. That is perfectly normal. What matters is really being worth remembering.

6. Although you might have neglected them for a while, your friends are always there for you.

Friends keep each other from making the same mistakes, well at least they try.

7. You might feel nervous while meeting new people.

Maybe you have to refresh your self-esteem. Maybe you should take some time off. The only solution is to give yourself some time.

8. No matter how much it hurts, sometimes you have to make that difficult decision.

As long as you are ready to appreciate good things after every relationship and don't see them as a mistake or waste of time.

9. Your relationship status doesn't speak for the person you are.

Single or in a relationship, you are always yourself.

10. Break-ups are the best tools you can use to see your mistake to do better next time.

There couldn't be a better time to take a look at yourself and criticize yourself constructively.

11. It will be weird to think about what comes next.

Are you guys just friends, or two strangers? You don't want to see each other again? Time will tell, only time...

12. Nothing lasts forever but temporary things also have their advantages.

You gotta look to see it!

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