12 Types Of Toxic People You Should Avoid To Feel Better

> 12 Types Of Toxic People You Should Avoid To Feel Better

There are some people that we just can’t stand to be around. Sometimes a friend we love, a colleague we have to work with, maybe even one of our parents. Most of the time, we’re not aware that our energy is lost while we try to live with them. And that's exactly why you have to be careful not to get lost in their drama. Let’s get to know them a bit more closely…

1. Attention whores

They want to be the center of attention wherever they are. They want everyone to love them, regardless of who they really are. And this can become more dangerous than you might think: they can even separate you from your partner just because they want all the attention, they suck your blood so hard that you lose all your energy and can’t focus on anything else.

2. Those who do not think of anything other than themselves.

You can never see them sacrificing anything for anyone. They deserve only one thing and that thing is loneliness. Sorry.

3. Those who can’t make peace with the world since they can’t make peace with themselves first.

These people constantly fight with themselves and spread their uneasiness around. Sometimes they even start to harass people.

4. Jealous people

They are in a constant race with other people, especially with those who own what they don’t: money, happiness, peace etc. It doesn’t matter if you’re a friend or not.

5. Lazy people.

You cannot make plans with them. And they make you beg when you ask for a favor.

6. People who think they’re always right.

It's not worth talking. Just run away.

7. Gossipers

They have no respect for you, neither for your privacy. Don’t think that they don’t gossip about you because you’re a friend. They’re talking about you too.

8. People who always compare you with others, as if they are perfect.

Remember that these assholes do not hesitate to use your weak points against you.

9. Whiners

It is the type that sucks their positive energy as well as yours. When you are stuck with them for a long time and then look at yourself from a distance, you see a person who is unable to enjoy anything.

10. People who always have an excuse for everything.

They blame others for what happened to them. They never take responsibility for anything. You never see them apologizing. And needless to say, you never see them criticizing their own behavior.

11. People who always criticize others and comment on everything they do.

They always tell you what to do even when you don’t ask for help or their opinion.

12. Smartasses

They know everything. Don't even try to argue.

Yes, it may not be so easy to get rid of all of them, but at least you can start trying after identifying the problem :)