12 Traits Of A Strong And Independent Woman!


Some women just prefer to go their own way when they don’t want to deal with all that drama caused -mostly- by men. Either in romantic relationships or not, sometimes men just don’t seem to be comfortable when they have to get over the fact that women don’t “need” them. Here are 12 traits of those strong independent women that men don’t seem to be handling very well.

1. They have their own world, and sometimes, they also have walls they've built.


And if someone wants to enter that world, they might get scared away.

2. Their priorities are their family, their dreams, and their careers.


Maybe they want to start a family someday, but they don’t think about it much. Their expectations from life are not limited to that.

3. It’s very likely that they had a relationship that broke their heart into pieces in the past.


So they don’t want to be wounded again. They usually prefer loneliness to settling for mediocre relationships.

4. They don’t always like to express their feelings.


So that they don’t see their walls tumble down.

5. They know how to stand on their own feet.


At an early age, they learn why they should always be independent from others.

6. Because of that, they don’t ask for help.


7. Their female friends are really valuable to them.


8. They don’t like to be constantly checked up on.


That’s one of the things that keeps them from maintaining relationships.

9. They don’t look for cliches in their romantic relationships.


A romantic dinner, a nice bouquet of flowers, or an expensive engagement ring… These can’t make them fall for you. They have to trust you first.

10. Well, no matter how hard they try to avoid them, they have cliches too: They have “commitment issues.”


Don’t make fun of them. They’re not trying to scare you away. They really have that problem… Sorry…

11. They need to feel free.

Don’t even try to limit their freedom.

12. Nevertheless, they do want to fall in love.


And they sometimes even go for it, if they’re really sure that you’re not a jerk.

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