12 Things You've Probably Said If You Easily Fall In Love!


You are super lucky and cupid is working hard for you! Or you are just as quick to fall in love. If you are this kind of person this list will be familiar for you.

1. No, this time it's different.

It's always different...

2. I found the real love.

3. Do you know what's love at first sight?

You know it the best.

4. It's happening me for the first time.


5. Seriously, THIS time it's different.


6. Guess what happened today?

I can make a hard guess...

7. I have never felt this way before!

You told the same for the last time.

8. This is not like the others.

9. I found the true love.

10. She/he told me "Good Morning" today!


11. I think we are getting married.

12. Alex? Sorry, who?

13. Help me! I can't decide :(

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