12 Things Women Think Of During Sex

> 12 Things Women Think Of During Sex

No matter how much adults concentrate on sex, they still cannot control some thoughts passing by. Especially women, who are more detail oriented compared to men, and will question many things at once. You can find 12 thoughts of women during sex in this list, while they may not really seem like they are thinking about them from the outside.

1. If a woman had a stressful and exhausting day, she may be preparing the overall report of the day in her mind.

In this process, her partner will not even realize how many things she is evaluating in her mind.

2. If her partner is experiencing some issues with premature ejaculation, she brainstorms about how to postpone it.

If the problem is really serious, it is stated that what a woman can do is limited in this topic and medical treatment is the only way.

3. She is always curious about how her body looks while making love.

Physical things like weight and cellulite are stated to be the most concerning for women. On the contrary, we think that every woman looks beautiful the way they are.

4. They are concerned if they are smelly or have bad breath.

This is also true for men too, it is true for every human being. Hygienic care is sexy.

5. She sometimes can't make sure she shaved when the sex is spontaneous.

If the sex is not planned and it is happening, she can't help herself but to think if she shaved the right places. She doesn't really care after a minute though.

6. If her partner is only concerned about his own pleasure, she thinks that he is selfish and egotistical.

If only one side is enjoying it, you can not help but think how bad the sex is...

7. She needs encouragement to tell you what she likes.

Most women are shy about stating what they enjoy during sex.

8. She can't be sure if her new partner likes sexy talk.

Only true for women who enjoy talking during sex; she doesn't know how much to do it at first with a new partner.

9. She wonders how much more time she is going to be in the same position.

Women usually do not enjoy sex in one position, or in the same rhythm for a long time. If your partner is not helping you, tell him you want to change it ladies!

10. She wants to make sure to use protection.

Not to come across to any surprise, a woman always thinks about protection during sex. She feels more comfortable when the partner cares about it too.

11. She sometimes asks "Am I doing it right?"

Mostly true for inexperienced women, this usually happens during oral sex.

12. If the sexual chemistry is not there, she wonders when it will be over.

Sometimes not both sides are on the same page and get the same amount of pleasure out of it. It is normal to wonder when it will be over, if one side is not enjoying it.