12 Psychological Situations Causing Lack Of Sexual Desire In Women


Do you have these kinds of problems?

Are there phases when you become sexually unwilling or distant to your partner?

Many women -and in some cases men- lose their interest in sex due to psychological or scientifically based problems at some time in their lives.

Here are 15 psychological and scientific reasons lying behind the lack of sexual appetite in women!

1. Fear of intercourse or other fears related to the relationship.

The vagina is a tube shaped organ that is composed of muscles.

If, for some reason, the muscles of the vagina are strained and not loose enough, a situation named Vaginismus occurs. The vagina becomes so tight that it doesn't handle any penetration, not even a tampon.

This is mostly caused by psychological reasons. The best solution is to keep up the foreplay as long as possible.

2. Painful feelings in the vagina or pain during intercourse.

In science, this is defined as dyspareunia and it is as common as vaginismus among women. This can be explained as the painful feeling around the vagina that can occur before, during or after the intercourse. 

This is usually caused by being misinformed about sexual intercourse. This results in the subconscious taking a physical precaution to prevent intercourse.

3. Opressed sexual desire caused by a past trauma.

Past situations, such as coming from an oppressive family, can cause a woman to distant herself from sexual pleasures. Since she defines sexual activity with fear and anger in her subconscious.

4. Stress and other psychological problems

Lack of sexual appetite is a temporary occurrence, and this unwillingness can be mostly caused by either stress or depression.

It is also known that antidepressants can cause sexual desire to decrease.

5. Not being able to have orgasms.

Having orgasms means surrendering to the male partner and therefore can evoke the feeling of destruction in women. This is the reason why some women prefer to unconsciously prevent themselves from pleasure. Women go towards their sadistic inclinations against men and masochistic inclinations towards their own selves. Put another way, not being able to have orgasms can evoke the unconscious feelings of anger and hostility towards men. This situation can be frequently seen among women. This can be interpreted as a sign of expecting the love of a mother and father and therefore a sign of not being mature enough.

6. Being shy and having communication problems in the relationship.

Communication problems between partners usually causes sexual unwillingness in both parties. It is possible to overcome this problem and increase the libido just by leaving the shy attitude behind.

7. Physical exhaustion and a heavy work load.

The exhaustion caused by work can return to women as a lack of sexual interest.

8. Lacking enough sex education.

Many women are thrown into sexual intercourse without having proper sex education or having a proper loving relationship.

This causes problems after intercourse and increases the feelings of anxiety and anger towards sexual activity.

9. Being resentful to the partner due to problems in the relationship.

A loss of sexual interest can also occur from relationship problems between the couple. The resentment and anger towards the relationship can make the woman distant, subconsciously. 

Emotionally sensitive women tend to be affected more by these situations.

10. Negative thoughts about the way she looks and thinking that her partner doesn't like her.

Many women suffer from this negative situation. Women who are not confident in their bodies make this a problem in bed and become distant to their partner. Eventually, this causes a loss of sexual interest.

11. Side effects of medication, drugs or alcohol.

Using medication or excessive drinking can also cause a loss in sexual interest.

12. Relationship becoming monotonous or parties losing their sexual interest in each other

Mutual interest and sexual enthusiasm between couples can sometimes fade away in time. The partners lose their erotic feelings and sexual fantasies. This results in sexual unwillingness and decreases the chances of reaching an orgasm.

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