12 Movie Couples That Just Couldn't Get Their Love Across The Screen

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Great movie couples are difficult to find, we know that. But can't the producers at least eliminate the ones that would never go together! Chemistry is highly important on the white screen. When you can't find the right couple, you start the game 1 goal behind. In this list, we put together the disappointments of the screen! 💔

1. We watched The Holiday movie and liked it, but the incompatibility of Kate Winslet and Jack Black as a couple also caught our attention.

The fact that Kate does more artistic films and Jack makes more comedy-dominated movies also has a high effect.

2. In the movie The Tourist, we saw that Angelina and Johnny just don't have good chemistry.

I don't think they would ever come together after having this type of chemistry.

3. The movie Water for Elephants in 2011, it was a mistake to put Robert Pattinson in a movie together with Reese Witherspoon and as a result the film lost most of its success.


4. Ralph Fiennes and Jennifer Lopez were in the film Maid in Manhattan in 2002, who the hell thought of that?

Lopez was crushed under the weight of Fiennes. Actually, we should ask Fiennes "What were you doing in that movie?" That would be much more accurate.

5. When we saw Hermione and Ron together like this, we always felt something was wrong.

6. The same goes for Bonnie Wright and Daniel Radcliffe.


7. Barry and Iris in the Tv series The Flash have quite different characters; there's something between them that just doesn't fit.


Barry and Caitlin Snow are a bit better I guess. 🤔

8. The couple that makes you want to say ''Stop, you're siblings!'': Star Wars' Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen.

We're used to hearing those lines all the time from the series anyway.

9. In Man of Steel, Henry Cavill was the right choice, but unfortunately Amy Adams was not.


They fell into the trap of putting a known figure next to someone new.

10. Richard Gere, who was the partner of Winona Ryder in the film Autumn in New York, looked more like the uncle.


Johnny Depp would have been better for Winona and Richard Gere would have been better with Diane Lane.

11. In The Great Gatsby, Carey Mulligan looks like Leonardo DiCaprio's cousin!


12. Who thought of placing Katie Holmes in the Batman movie next to Christian Bale?🤔

If we push the limits, this is what these couples actually look like!😅

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