12 Awesome Things To Do If We Had Legolas' Eyes!


Given the fact that we don't actually live in Middle-Earth, we would have to use our Elf sight according to today's conditions. I would especially like to draw your attention to the GIFs. Let's roll!

1. Being able to tell which bus is approaching beforehand, and calculating where it would stop, exactly, so we can position ourselves accordingly...


2. Spying on our crush's phone from 200 yards away, and seeing whose posts she likes and with whom she is texting...


3. Seeing your boss approaching while you are surfing inappropriate websites at work...


4. Checking out girls again from 200 yards away... (Or boys, whatever floats your boat...)


5. Easily cheating from the smartest person in the class during an exam...


6. Watching that "nasty" couple who didn't shut their drapes...


7. Enjoying every concert and game, as you sit all the way at the back because that's how cheap you are.

8. Watching all the games on ESPN as you idle outside the pub...


-Dude, wtf are you doing outside? Why don't you just come in?

9. Being able to see the police stop 2 miles before you drive into an alley...


10. Working as "human sonar" in a fishing boat...


- Hey hey! Over here! There are so many bonitos down there!

11. Being able to meet your bros' demands, such as "Dude, can you check if my girl is really at home?"


- Hmm, yes, she is in the bathroom.

- Dude...

12. Conducting your business without having to leave your office, if you're a private investigator...


Home office with view...

Bonus - Having your vision test without having to go to the doctor's...


- Can you tell me which letter this is?

- E

- How about this one?

- G

- And this?

- You've got it all wrong.

- Oh, my apologies! I was reading the table in that other doctor's office that is 3 blocks away.

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