11 Things You Need to Know Before You Find Your Desk!


It's your first day at office and you need to find your spot. It's not as easy as you think. Here we have some serious tips to get you going on your first day.

1. Park by the wall!

This way you'll be able to protect your privacy while seeing everything that's going on in the office. No one would disturb your candy crush streak.

2. Closer to the window is better...

This way you won't forget what freedom and sunshine is.

3. Sit far far away from the boss!

Do we have to explain this one? You'll be safer during anger bursts.

4. Avoid being close to the entrance.

You don't want people coming in all the time and disturbing you...

5. Of course your screen shouldn't face the entrance!

Always beneath the shadows...

6. Do not sit close to the restroom. I repeat: Do not!

Well you might think it's comfy but it's not. First of all it might smell. You don't want that. Also your restroom breaks won't be longer this way. You can travel all the way down there from your crucible which also helps your poor and unexercised legs.

7. It should be easily accessible.

For you. Not for other people. It's annoying to ask for permission while you are moving around.

8. The king of desks is the one that lets you stalk other tables...

Think yourself as a commander at a hill observing his troops. This is you.

9. Be cozy and stay away from office tools

"Hey dude can you print this one?" You don't wanna hear that every 5 minutes!

10. Here is an ideal office for you...

That desk behind the column...That's sheer perfection!

11. This is a prison!

Depression guaranteed...

This one is a perfectly designed nightmare!

Welcome to hell. In this one you can't avoid anythings we listed here. We are sorry for you.

Now here is a test for you!

Try to find the best place here according to our list!

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