11 States You Go Through On Boring Days...


Not every day is the same. Some days we have to deal with tons of work and handle drama back at home. During these days, we go through certain feelings and states. Wanna have a look and see for yourself?

1. You always get bored during the day yet still you don't want to do anything either!

2. You say 'tomorrow will be different' every day, but tomorrow stays the same.

3. You keep postponing the things you should be doing.

4. You expect other people to change things more than you.

5. On busy days, you feel like the day was way longer than any other normal day.

6. You feel stuck in a cage, and think 'how long will it continue like this?'

7. You become careless about your appearance.

8. You lose your willingness to respond to people around you, and become less talkative.

9. Sometimes you lose track of time, you don't know which day is which.

10. During the day, you complain about how slow the time passes..

11. But when you look back on your life, you say 'time flies' because you haven't lived notably.

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