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Also known as bipolar affective disorder or manic depression, bipolar disorder is a mental illness without a definitive cure. Characterized by the mood swings between periods of depression and mania, it can actually vary in severity and symptoms from person to person. Bipolar disorder can make life extremely difficult for those suffering from it, as well as others around them. Furthermore, some people may not be aware that they actually have it. If you are wondering about the most common symptoms, here you go...

1. Unusal euphoria or depressive mood.

Everyone has good times and bad times in their lives. It's perfectly normal. But if you keep swinging between extreme levels of these moods, and they frequently follow each other in a cycle, you are likely to have bipolar disorder.

2. Looking for unhapiness, self-loathing.

Although everything seems to be going well in your life, you actively look for something to be unhappy about, or you already hate yourself and feel awful, without a valid reason. You could be depressed, or you may be suffering from a depressive episode of bipolar disorder.

3. Alcohol or substance abuse.

Especially during the depressive phase, many people feel the urge to use excessive amounts of alcohol or drugs to improve their mood.

4. Insomnia or oversleeping.

Sleep problems can be related to bipolar disorder. During a manic phase, people may not sleep at all, or sleep just for 1-2 hours each night. During a depressive phase, they may constantly sleep.

5. Inability to complete tasks.

In a hypomanic phase, bipolar people feel extremely productive. They generally start millions of different (realistic & unrealistic) projects, but fail to finish them, since they are easily distracted.

6. Making quick decisions you'll regret later.

If you find yourself spending big amounts of money on shopping or betting, or if you start making quick decisions on important subjects that would effect your economical or social situation (such as quitting your job and then not knowing why you did it), you might have bipolar disorder. An example of this kind of decision includes: Throwing away your favorite shirt because you thought it was awful at that moment. In a nutshell: Big or small, irrational and instant decisions.

7. Poor concentration.

In hypomanic and manic phases, it is impossible for people with bipolar disorder to focus on anything without getting easily distracted.

8. Rapid speech and a plethora of thoughts!

If you are normally not much of a speaker, and lately have become annoyingly talkative all of a sudden, it might be a symptom of a hypomanic or manic phase.

9. Swinging between anger and timidness.

If you can easily switch from timid to angry without a reason, it might also be one of the symptoms.

10. Irritability...

If you don't understand why you are so irritable lately, it could be because of bipolar disorder.

11. Inflated self esteem and erratic behavior

Especially if the sudden inflated self esteem is followed by its total opposite: severe depression with very low self esteem; this is another strong symptom of bipolar disorder.

And as we said before, it's perfectly fine to have some of these symptoms every once in a while, but to be considered bipolar, you must frequently have most of these symptoms, and at severe levels. Bipolar disorder makes life very difficult, so it's not something you would like to have. If you think that you might actually have it, you should consult with a psychiatrist.

You may get more information about bipolar disorder from this link: Publications about Bipolar Disorder

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