11 Most Educated Countries In The World!


The World Economic forum has recently announced the most educated countries in the world as a part of their annual Global Competitiveness Report.

The scores are based on factors such as the number of people who studied at the university or an equivalent.

Here are the 11 most educated countries on the world!!!

(1 is the lowest educational standard, 7 is the highest)

11. Iceland | Score: 5.9

Though Iceland is a tiny country with a population of 330,000, it ranks highly in the global index. Nevertheless, Iceland spends the least on educational spending among other Nordic countries.

10. New Zealand Score: 5.9

New Zealand's place in the top education systems is almost a constant. New Zealand follows an innovative approach when it comes to education. Discussions are happening at the moment to introduce online courses in the country.

9. Australia | Score: 5.9

Australia has a particularly high proportion of tertiary-educated adults. 43% of adults have trained at an institution after leaving school.

8. United States | Score: 5.9

43% of adults in America have a university education. According to OECD this is the fifth highest proportion.

7. Norway | 5.9

Norway is known to heavily invest in education. Norway devotes an annual $14,000 per student, becoming the third highest figure in the OECD.

6. Denmark | Score: 5.9

Denmark was one of the few countries where education expenditure actually increased during the financial crisis of 2008-2010.

5. Belgium | Score: 6.0

Belgium has one of the lowest unemployment rates at just 3%. Moreover, teaching is a well-paid profession in the country with an average salary of $74,000.

4. Switzerland | Score: 6.0

86% of the Switzerland population has completed a full secondary education. The country doesn't hesitate to spend money on education with an average of $16,000 per student per year.

3. Netherlands | Score: 6.1

One third of Dutch people holds a university degree and this makes the Netherlands rank highly in many fields of education.

2. Finland | Score: 6.2

Finland holds a widely appreciated and acclaimed education system. The teachers in Finland are required to earn a master's degree in education.

1. Singapore | Score: 6.3

The highly-regarded education system of Singapore is also known as a “pressure cooker” for its intensity and strictness. Singapore tops the lists of global comparisons of math and science ability most of the time.

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