10 Undeniable Upsides Of Having A GF With Curly Hair


If guys who think this is ridiculous don't end up desperately looking for a girl with curly hair after reading this, I know nothing, and shall also say no more.

1. They are mostly very joyful, positive and fun people; naturally, it is inevitable that they will pass this on to you.

2. They are the people who are most at peace with themselves, which gives you strength when you are struggling with hardships.

3. They are well aware of the beauty-boost that their curly hair gives to them. Knowing this, they are always beautiful.

4. You will notice any change they make in their hair style, which saves you from unnecessary drama.

5. Because they can't do much with their hair, they don't spend hours getting ready and keeping you waiting before you leave.

6. The electricity that generates when you caress her hair takes all your negative energy away.

7. The smell of shampoo in her hair lasts for days; you can smell it all you want.

8. She has more time to spend with you because she doesn't waste her time on ruffling her hair.

9. Because her hair doesn't grow that much (and even if it does you really can't tell), the time she would spend in the hairdresser's is now yours.

10. And because natural curly hair is not that easy to come by, they make you feel special everywhere you go.

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